Why Choose Fernandina Beach Christian Academy?

8X4A2921Our framework for student learning is founded in Christ. We use an integrated curriculum, innovative methodology and our love of children to create high achieving learners. Each student is valued. We teach with energy and creativity, respectful of learning styles, motivation and interests. We communicate clearly, teach with passion and sensitivity and always build from each child’s strengths. We strongly desire that our students become lifelong learners who as Christian adults can apply, integrate, improvise, and create.



Lessons are not isolated learning episodes. Our students experience the connections to other academic content areas and the relevancy to life. This important aspect of our teaching is done with love and a faithful spirit that children should be allowed to be children. Maturation takes time and a series of life experiences guided by parents and Christian educators. As children progress, throughout their time in school, intellectual and spiritual growth occurs.


Our curriculum is aligned to the State of Florida Standards. Starting in Grade 3, we assess with the Terra Nova. While testing and assessment are important, we at FBCA, believe that learning and the passion to learn is more so. Additionally, we believe in managed and responsible growth which means we attempt not to exceed twelve students to a classroom teacher. This model allows us to know our children and their parents. Administration and teachers are accessible to our families.

Academic Excellence

Our students learn in an exciting, inspiring, and creative environment based on contemporary research. Our students are enthusiastic about learning because we use strategies that are student-centered, exciting, engaging and rewarding. Our comprehensive balanced literacy program connects students to authentic purposes for reading and writing. Our math curriculum takes on an exciting appeal for students as they are challenged to understand and practice mathematical concepts through powerful hands-on and integrated activities. Our students love learning in each academic area because we create platforms for their success. We teach with methods that encourage higher order thinking skills and high achievement.




Skilled, experienced, caring faculty

Our administrators, teachers, and staff are believers in Jesus Christ. They are committed to living their lives as a models of integrity, honesty and love. Staff development, teacher training and advanced coursework are integral to creating teachers who are caring and responsive to the academic needs and expectations of our students and their families. Education must continue to move forward if it is going to create purposeful and rewarding opportunities for the future.

Community Bible Studies

FBCA is proud to be the first school to offer Community Bible Studies (CBS) to its students and to its staff as an important part of the daily learning curricular. Each student is provided with his or her personal Bible and course syllabus. School activities are planned and taught from a Biblical worldview. Christian character is emphasized in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in social activities. Children learn values and morals through daily Bible classes and weekly chapel services.

A safe and secure environment

Parents appreciate knowing their children are safe and secure with encouraging and loving Christian teachers. Staff is CPR certified VECHS Cleared, and participate in annual Code Red Safety Training. Students are taught to work and learn in a manner that emphasizes mutual respect for one another as well as for those in authority. Violence and disrespect toward peers and authority are not tolerated. The school maintains and updates a Safety Plan and Security Protocol which is reviewed periodically.

As the very first parent at FBCA, several years ago, I have seen extensive growth not simply in student enrollment, but in the scope of instruction, curriculum and enrichment programs. My two sons continue to love school and find that learning is fun and rewarding. They want to attend school and feel it is truly an important part of their lives as the best schools should be. Debbie Johnson, Board President
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