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Gifts in Kind

8X4A2901-4From musical instruments to children’s books or lap top computers and ipads, if you have an item that you think the school might be able to utilize, or if you would like to purchase an item to be utilized in our school ministry, please contact the school office at 904-491-5664.

Donate to Scholarships

We have a scholarship fund set up to help students with tuition. You can invest in a child’s life by giving any amount to this tax-deductable scholarship fund.

Wish List

Check our wish list on this website for items that the school needs. We appreciate your helping supply these items.

The tax law permits individuals to make direct IRA distributions to charity without having to include the distribution in gross income. In particular, the current tax law permits up to $100,000 to be contributed each year directly to charity. Please consult your tax adviser for additional information. 

Our School is committed to being a work in progress as we all are. As Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction, I faithfully search best quality educational practices at all levels including higher education. Shannon Hogue, Coordinator of Curriculum and Education