Selecting the right school for your child’s education is one of the most important decisions that you will make. You have many choices that offer varied educational experiences. Prayer, evaluation, discussion and first hand observation may assist you in making this important decision for your child.

Fernandina Beach Christian Academy is a family of Christian educators who believe uncompromisingly in the potential and promise of each child. We know that a child’s walk with God is important, but just as important, is providing a strong academic education with emphasis on small class size. We respect each child’s learning style and intellectual development. We are blessed to serve God, your child and your family.

Along with a standards based curriculum, our teachers work creatively and passionately for the success of each child. Our full enrichment program, ranging from Bible Studies and Art, Physical Education, Music and Chorus, enhances each child’s total education. We also have exciting and learning based afterschool programs and summer camps.